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SL Guitar Lessons is a guitar tutor that teaches students from children to OAPs and anywhere in between, all you need is a passion to learn and play the guitar. With a range of diverse students of different ages, abilities and music tastes it has allowed SL Guitar Lessons to tailor guitar lessons to the student and make sure that they get the most out of their lesson.

Through the years that SL Guitar Lessons has been teaching guitar it’s clear that offering one type of guitar lessons isn’t going to work for everyone, that is why there are many type of lessons to offer, for example home visits, group lessons and lessons at Quay West Studios are to list just a few. As these guitar lessons keep going more and more time is spent improving and offering more to the students to make sure that they get the most of their guitar lesson. SL Guitar Lessons has even been told that the lessons provided are better than those provided by guitar teacher’s students have had previous.
Our Teacher – Stuart Lovibond
Stuart About

Stuart Lovibond – Guitar Tutor

“Teaching guitar is something that I never want to stop doing, I find it amazing seeing people leaving a guitar lesson with a new thing to apply to the guitar.┬áThe majority of the population will always have a guitar that is sat in the corner of the room gathering dust, sometimes it’s been given, picked up from a charity shop, car boot or parents may have brought it as a present in hope that you would pick it up and become the next Hendrix overnight although this doesn’t tend to happen it is a start to what can be a great journey.

Teaching guitar has allowed me to see guitar in so many different ways than before, as students show and share experiences that they’ve had with the guitar and this is one of the reasons I would never want to stop teaching guitar. For this reason I work towards goals, things that the students of mine want to learn so that they can get the most out of their guitar playing and be able to play something that they are proud of.”

Stuart Lovibond, July ’13

Stuart’s Music Career

At age 13 I started playing guitar, having guitar lessons weekly and practising a LOT in my spare time, I found guitar to be something that I couldn’t put down! I had a guitar ever since I was about 9 but I never really learnt too much on it only the odd song that was really simple, however the moment I got guitar lessons my guitar playing went from looking in a couple of books and then getting really bored to an instrument that I had direction in and knowing how to improve and really wanting to. Practising guitar daily meant that I got excited for my guitar lesson as this is where I would get my next ‘challenge’. Alongside my guitar lessons I used to spend my spare time learning my favourite songs on guitar so I could show off what I had learned to my friends and family showing them what I could play (and showing my parents the noise is worth sitting through because I’m getting better!).

As I went through school I started joining school bands and accompanying singers for school performances, this allowed me to really get a taste of what being in a real band is like (but this had more guidance from teachers) and I found it to be one of my favourite places to be in. While going over the same song again and again can be a bit tedious but in the end it is worth it when you take a moment to listen and see how much better you’ve become because of it. The wide music tastes from different students in the band meant that I got used to playing different styles at the beginning and this has helped me throughout my music career.

After leaving school I went to college to study music and then followed that up with a HND in Music Performance and through education alone I’ve managed to gain experience in playing live, in the studio and how to really effectively use guitar in an ensemble and how to practice in a band and not waste time! While also using spare time I have to still practice guitar outside of the education remit and follow the parts of being a musician that I like doing like live sound, lighting, playing in my own band and, obviously, teaching.

Being a guitarist in Kelly and the Acoustics has also meant that I’ve been able to, with the help of the band, really work towards playing in places that I had never played like Wickham Festival ’12 and also winning Gosport’s Battle of the Bands 2012. We have also been recording an EP which is currently still in the recording process but it’s really allowed all of us to show creative sides, not only our recordings, but some that can be implemented into our performances.

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