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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Acoustic vs Electric? This question is normally asked by complete beginners and at that stage there isn’t much of a difference. The advantages and disadvantages that you would have as a beginner would end up weighing out each other for you to worry too much, so it’s really for you to have a think about and decide which one you would like.
  • I am/my child is (insert age here) is that too old/young? Age is but a number and when it comes to guitar lessons it’s all about ability. I teach a range of ages and have come across students that are able to play guitar at ages that are considered to be too old or too young for guitar lessons but have done really well during lessons and enjoy playing guitar. There again, I have also taught students that are the same ages as people that are able but don’t have the ability and this is normally shown in the first couple of lessons and when this does happen I speak to the student or students parents and discuss whether they wish to continue guitar lessons.
  • How often are lessons? Usually guitar lessons are weekly, for example at 12pm every Saturday although due to travel, money or time (to list just a few) some people do have different arrangements for lessons which include fortnightly or even twice a week.
  • What about the school holidays, bank holidays or other festive holidays? Unless otherwise notified then the holidays are normally taught through, if there is a problem with lessons during festive periods or school holidays then arrangements can be made to fit with this.
  • Do you teach guitar grades? If guitar grades is something that you would like to sit then helping you get them is something that I can help you with. If you are just starting out on guitar then it might not be something that I would recommend you went for straight away but we could work this out depending on your abilities.
  • Do I need a guitar to start guitar lessons? It is easier to pick up a cheap guitar from a local music shop, charity shop or even online as this means that it is your guitar and you use it whenever you like, although I do have guitar that are able to be loaned to students but these are numbered so they may not always be available.
  • How often should I practice? For a beginner I wouldn’t recommend sitting down for two hours a day practicing guitar, I would recommend 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the evening daily although as you progress you can spend more time with your instrument and you may find that practicing is something that works its way into your day to day life.
  • I can’t make our lesson anymore, can we move it? Everyone gets that week where they have a clash in their diary, it can be a nightmare! It can be even worse if it becomes a recurring clash but this is something that we can overcome we can arrange for that lesson to be moved either that  week or permanently – Simple!
  • What methods are there to pay? Normally lessons are paid weekly in cash, although this can be a pain for some people and other methods can be discussed and arranged.
  • What if I want to stop lessons? If you are having problems with lessons then there are many ways I can help you to make sure you are able to attend and are happy with your guitar lessons, however on the rare occasion that there is no plausible way for you to carry guitar lessons forward then stopping lessons are simple, you give written notice that you would like to stop lessons and then we stop your guitar lessons.*


*Notice period stated in Student Contract