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Hi, I’m Stuart Lovibond.

I’m a 18 year old guitar teacher, playing since I was 12 and teaching for the last couple of years. With experience gigging, performing and in the studio I can show you how to really make the most out of your instrument.

As a teacher I have found that private lessons is the best way to help anyone learn guitar. Many people will be willing to be hunched over a book with a guitar that is as confusing as all the knobs and switches in a planes cock pit and take ages to manage to grasp everything that a guitar has to offer, or you can have guitar lessons with planned lessons designed to fit the needs of you as a guitarist and the encouragement to keep you playing. There are many advantages to having guitar lesson and one of them is that you have a guitarist infront of you that have gone through all the bad habits and have managed to break them and then they can stop you falling into this trap! Through my years of experience teaching I’ve worked with children a lot and I have also been CRB checked and this is viewable on request.

If you have any questions that you would like to ask please go to my contact page and use that to send me an email, I try to reply to emails sent to me within two working days. Alternatively, you could go and ask questions on my Facebook page or ask me questions on twitter, @SLGuitarLessons.

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